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Welcome to BiblicalAgrarianism.com!

"Let us never forget that the cultivation of the earth is the most important labor of man. When tillage begins, other art follows, The farmers, therefore, are the founders of civilization." - Daniel Webster

God has ordained an order to the universe and to all of His creation. We believe that lives lived in accordance to the plan and commandments of God is the heart of evangelism. We desire to study God's divine plan for man, integrating proper Doctrines of Grace based Soteriology, Biblical Patriarchy, and Agrarian-Separatist Philosophy. We believe that believing the true Gospel results in a Biblical Worldview and a life lived in obedience to God. We welcome you to BiblicalAgrarianism.com and we pray that God allows us all to use this tool to His greater Glory and for our growth and maturity as obedient Christians....

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Greetings to new users and friends. Welcome to the new site.

BiblicalAgrarianism.com is an active, educational, and fun place to learn and fellowship on the web. We do have rules for posting comments on articles, or for posting on the discussion forum. Read the rules HERE. If you have questions, check out our growing FAQ section; you will also find our statement of faith there. If your question is not answered in FAQ, then ask it on the FORUM and we'll try to answer it. There is literally e-tons of information on this site... to find something (ex. How to milk a cow, How to Make an Emergency Water Filter, or How to build a Pig Pen from scratch), do a search on it. You will find the search utility in the left column towards the bottom. If you want to submit an article, read this article to find out how. I no longer have a public email list to which you can subscribe, however I do have a private "friends list". To be included on the friendslist, you must email me and request for me personally to add you to the list.

Free Stuff - We will continue uploading books and other materials that you can download for free from this site. We plan on having all the good theology, doctrine and research materials you were used to at Lazarusunbound.com - but we hope to be so much more. This site hopes to reflect the true Christian Worldview in all its facets.

Thanks for stopping by... enjoy and participate!

The Editor -
Michael Bunker

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· circumcision?[ 8 comments - 23045 reads ]
· Lots of Scatterstuff[ 0 comments - 19013 reads ]
· Ranch Update[ 1 comments - 13278 reads ]
· Boast the Most Compost[ 1 comments - 17444 reads ]

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Gene Woodling taught me how to Bunt
Friday, May 22 @ 10:15:51 CDT by (24628 reads)
Agrarian InterestHey y'all,

I am hearing troubling rumors that some of you people like these daily emails more than you like the blog.  This means that maybe you like me delivering my ramblings straight to your email box and maybe you aren't going to the blog to read?  Which means I'm losing "hits" on the site maybe?  It's so confusing, but I am glad you like the daily posts (if you do... if you don't, then I'm not glad at all).

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Thursday, May 14 @ 21:45:23 CDT by (23045 reads)
Christianityjoseph writes "We are expecting a baby boy in September and I am faced with a question, not whether or not to have him circumcised, but when.  Is there a clear command to have this done at a certain time or is whenever fine?  Actually, since it is the topic, what is expected of today's follower's with this, from a Biblical standpoint.  And how is this addressed on the ranch or at homebirths?  Since I have 2 girls, I have never delved into this issue.  Thanks for any info. and Bible references are as always much appreciated.

Mrs. Joseph"

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Lots of Scatterstuff
Thursday, May 14 @ 21:42:18 CDT by (19013 reads)
Agrarian InterestEvery single one of the guest blogs on A Process Driven Life this month have been great, but I have a surprising guest blogger for tomorrow (Friday) so make sure to read each new issue every day.

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Ranch Update
Wednesday, May 13 @ 10:42:17 CDT by (13278 reads)
Hey y'all,

Well, as I told you yesterday, I posted  a new sermon on the front page.  But maybe you're not reading this...

Ok, so I've decided, Ceteris Parabus, if the Lord wills, If we're still around, if the economy hasn't collapsed and if there isn't blood in the street, that our December Project (when we eschew going to town, etc.) will last 45 days this year... only this time I will not be online, answering emails, or even using the cell phone for phone calls.  There might be some blog post entries and updates, but only if I can talk David Sifford or someone else to post the updates for me.  Of course if the economy collapsededed and there is blood in the streets, we probably still will not be going to town.

Some of you remember that before my friend Jim Hartman died, we were trying to help him get a new roof on his house in Pennsylvania.  Our mutual friend Bob Etzler just contacted me to let me know that the roof project will be taking place in the end of June or the first week of July.  This is from Bob...


Could you let everyone know we are starting construction on Jim's wife, Pamela's, house the last week of June or the first week of July.  The roof is coming off and the old floor is coming up as well.  The 2 gable ends of brick and 2 chimneys are coming down to add the third floor.  So as you can see there is a good bit of work that needs done.  If anyone wants to lend us a hand, we would very much appreciate the help.  I think we will have 4 or 5 guys as of now to help out.  Lord willing we will be able to get 4 or 5 more guys to help out.  Thanks again for everything.


If you can help Bob with this project, especially if you or some friends can go and actually help with the work, please contact Bob and let him know... setzler@comcast.net

If you can send some money, then contact Bob and make arrangements to do that.

I hope you all are reading the daily visiting blog posts at A Process Driven Life.  We're about halfway through the month, and I'm sure that "Jay" and our other detractors and attackers are not very pleased.  In fact, we haven't heard from "Jay" since he/she threatened to send out the authorities last week.  And there I was waiting by the curb, hoping they would stop by... but nothing.  How disappointing.

Well, it turns out that the Swine Flu was probably made in a lab, like most of the food you people eat.  I've been studying a lot about food and growing and things like that, and after seeing what the labs have done to our food, I'd almost rather have the pig flu.  Speaking of pigs...

The pregnant female we recently acquired had her piglets... after which she promptly attacked and killed them all.  She gave herself a really, really late-term abortion.  Not cool.  Anyway, she'll get killed and butchered for that.

Oh, and we really, really are enjoying our sheep, and we are probably getting rid of our goats.  Every time I look at the sheep, I am reminded of the precious brethren we still have here in the community.  I will not be thinking that when I kill and eat one, but you get the point.  Sometimes metaphors are really hard.

A bunch of racists make the news.  I ask you just to switch the words... read "Buy White" and ask yourself what the response to this "news" would be.  Frankly I don't have a problem with these people "buying black", I'm just sick of the double standard.  I have a dream... Where I'll only "Buy Agrarian".  I do have a dream!

The FDA says that if Cheerios health claims are correct, then it is a drug and should be regulated as such.  I always thought the little bee on Honey-Nut Cheerios was a bit suspect, but I didn't suspect he might be a drug dealer until now.  This is horrible news for you Cheerio drug addicts out there, jumping out of bed in anticipation of your milk-sodden circular fix each day.  Speaking of circular drugs, I've always wondered when the FDA was going to investigate the life-saving claims of Life Savers.  Talk about a drug!  Try to eat just one, I dare you.

Don't get me started...


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Boast the Most Compost
Friday, May 08 @ 15:28:55 CDT by (17444 reads)
Agrarian InterestCarol writes "


Part 1: Fast and Easy Compost

When we moved to the Ranch in 2007 the compost pile went up the next month. It was February and the weather wasn't even ready for the early onions, peas and lettuce to be planted but I knew from what little I'd read that without yet a flock of chickens to feed food scraps to we would have plenty of raw material to compost. Let's combine this with the fact that we had a first year garden to put in soon and this was the ONLY year I wanted to buy compost and manure by the bag full. That was our first and last compost purchase.


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8 Steps for How to Make Better Garden Soil
Tuesday, May 05 @ 15:49:18 CDT by (18785 reads)
Agrarian Interesttruthseeker3 writes "

By Harvey Ussery

Starting to build a new garden isn’t difficult. Most people begin by going out into their yards with a shovel or garden tiller, digging up the dirt and putting in a few plants. Following the organic and natural methods, add a little mulch or compost, and you’re well on your way to make good soil for your homegrown vegetables. But in the long run, the success of your garden depends on making healthy garden soil. The more you can do to keep your soil healthy, the more productive your garden will be and the higher the quality of your crops.

In the last issue, I discussed the value of soil care methods that imitate natural soil communities. These include protecting soil structure, feeding the soil with nutrients from natural and local sources, and increasing the diversity and numbers of the microbes and other organisms that live in the soil.

In this article, I’ll focus on specific ways to achieve these goals. There are many ways to do this, but they all revolve around two basic concepts: For more fertile soil, you need to increase organic matter and mineral availability, and whenever possible, you should avoid tilling the soil and leave its structure undisturbed."

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What To Plant in May: Southern Interior Region
Saturday, April 25 @ 13:15:59 CDT by (13517 reads)
Agrarian Interesttruthseeker3 writes "


Sow Indoors  

Sow Outdoors 


Bean, lima XXX 

Bean, snap

Bean, yard long XXX 
Cantaloupe XXX 
Corn, sweet XXX 
Cucumber XXX 
Edamame XXX 


Fennel, bulb


Gourds XXX 
Okra XXX 
Peanuts XXX 
Peas, southern XXX 




Squash, summer



Squash, winter




Sweet potato






Watermelon XXX 


Sow Indoors  

Sow Outdoors 






Fennel, leaf 












Savory, summer 







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KA-BAR Folding Knives
Saturday, April 25 @ 13:05:48 CDT by (12891 reads)
Emergency Preparednesstruthseeker3 writes "

By Greg Quinn

KA-BAR has established for itself a fine reputation for building a high-quality, inexpensive knife that works well, has good utilitarian design, and holds up under tough field conditions.  KA-BAR is one of many US knife manufacturers to provide edged weapon products to our US Military, and for this effort Gunblast salutes KA-BAR.  Anything good enough for our military is worthy of me and our Gunblast readers carrying in the woods or on the street.


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Saturday, April 25 @ 13:03:25 CDT by (20117 reads)
Christianitytruthseeker3 writes "The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life by J. I. Packer
Why We Need the Puritans

Horse Racing is said to be the sport of kings. The sport of slinging mud has, however, a wider following. Pillorying the Puritans, in particular, has long been a popular pastime both sides of the Atlantic, and most people's image of Puritanism still has on it much disfiguring dirt that needs to be scraped off. 'Puritan' as a name was, in fact, mud from the start. Coined in the early 1560's, it was always a satirical smear word implying peevishness, censoriousness, conceit, and a measure of hypocrisy, over and above its basic implication of religiously motivated discontent with what was seen as Elizabeth's Laodicean and compromising Church of England.

Later, the word gained the further, political connotation of being against the Stuart monarchy and for some sort of republicanism; its primary reference, however, was still to what was seen as an odd, furious, and ugly form of Protestant religion. In England, anti-Puritan feeling was let loose at the time of the Restoration and has flowed freely ever since. In North America it built up slowly after the days of Jonathan Edwards to reach its zenith a hundred years ago in post-Puritan New England.

For the past half-century, however, scholars have been meticulously wiping away the mud, and as Michelangelo's frescoes in the Sistine Chapel have unfamiliar colours today now that restorers have removed the dark varnish, so the conventional image of the Puritans has been radically revamped, at least for those in the know. (Knowledge, alas, travels slowly in some quarters.) Taught by Perry Miller, William Haller, Marshall Knappen, Percy Scholes, Edmund Morgan, and a host of more recent researchers, informed folk now acknowledge that the typical Puritans were not wild men, fierce and freaky, religious fanatics and social extremists, but sober, conscientious, and cultured citizens: persons of principle, devoted, determined, and disciplined, excelling in the domestic virtues, and with no obvious shortcomings save a tendency to run to works when saying anything important, whether to God or to man. "

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Top 8 Vegetable Seeds Having The Longest Shelf Life
Saturday, April 25 @ 12:41:50 CDT by (21332 reads)
Agrarian InterestHereAmI writes "
With legislation that threatens family farms such as HR 875, Codex Alimentarius, and C-51, it is more important than ever to acquire high quality, royalty-free seeds. However, seeds will not keep forever, lasting between 2 and 5 years on average. This article will outline those seeds with the longest average shelf life to help seed savers maximize the longevity of their investment.

In the past, seeds have been worth their weight in Gold. Seeds cannot be created from scratch, yet they do self replicate, and they offer plant life in its most compact form. Many of our ancestors sewed seeds (literally) into the lining of their clothing to avoid having them be detected (and confiscated) during immigration. This allowed them to maintain heirloom varieties that their families had often kept for generations.

However the pesticide industry has been buying up the seed industry at an aggressive pace over the past two decades. Consumers and corporations have different interests regarding seeds and vegetables. Given a choice, consumers prefer more tender vegetables that are vine-ripened since they normally have more flavor (and nutrition). Big Agribusiness however opts for items that can better survive freight, often at the expense of all else. While consumers want diversity, corporations want uniformity. For example, out of 10,000 edible plants, only 120 (or about 1%) provide 90% of the food worldwide!

Types of Seeds

Before purchasing seeds it is essential to understand the three main types of seeds:

* Heirloom seeds (known as Heritage seeds in Europe) will reproduce the same every generation (most assume all seeds are like this). Heirloom seeds are also referred to as being Open Pollinated since they can be pollinated by birds, insects or the wind. While many plants must be protected from being crossed with other types using a greenhouse, walls or field isolation, some crops are "self pollinating" and can be relied upon to breed true, with the occasional "off type".

* Hybrid seeds are a combination of two or more heirloom varieties. While providing diversity, over time these seeds gradually revert to the parent that was dominant, often changing unpredictably for the worse. Hybrid seeds must be repurchased each season in order to obtain the same exact crop. Hybrid seeds are also known as Closed Pollinated seeds since they are typically pollinated under controlled conditions to show specific traits.

* Genetically Modified (GMO) seeds are manipulated in a laboratory (often combining plants with animal matter in ways impossible in Nature). On one hand, the corporations that make GMO seeds claim that their product is unique enough to patent; on the other hand they argue that no testing should be required since these products are GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). GMO pollen not only contaminates organic farms nearby, but courts have found those organic farmers guilty of patent infringement! Some GMO crops have been designed to produce sterile seeds by using a gene Terminator (picture a seed with dark shades saying "I'll not be back!"). Recent studies confirm that GMO crops not only require more pesticide but produce lower yield than conventional crops. GMO pollen can never be recalled and biotechnology will likely one day provide the world with a major Bio-uh-oh.


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